Hello tony,

Had the pleasure this morning of looking at the "Brigantine Romance" site. Thank you for keeping it alive. I was on "Romance" in 1967 for about a month during the summer. I arrived at Charlotte Amelie, in St. Thomas, aboard a storm broken 40' ketch named "Tumbleweed" after the most harrowing experience of my life (I was 22) up to that time. That was my first boating experience. The Kimberly's hired me right away as the only crew at the time on "Romance as they needed help in case they had to move her to Hurricane Hole. I stayed on for a month or so doing refinishing and off-season maintenace on board. They paid me a small amount and room and board (I was very hungry at the time). I was invited to return but never did.

I have always appreciated the basic seamanship and line handling, etc. that Captain Kimberly so patiently and caringly taught me, and have often mentioned him to those I have taught. The memories of Captain and Mrs. Kimberly and "Brigantine Romance" are some of my most cherished.

I have been an avid sailor and boater ever since and have earned my living as a captain much of my life.

Ken Cohen

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