My name is John Dodge. In the summer of 1981 I crewed aboard Romance with Tom Shaffer, Mark Seski, Pete McDonald and Anne. I'm to this day still in contact with Mark Seski and Tom Shaffer. In fact, last December Mark and I got a bottle of Cognac, kicked the snow off my brother's boat in Lake St. Clair and went for a sail while trading old Romance stories.

Mark and I arrived in August (St. Thomas) during lay-up and spent 5 months aboard. We did a down island cruise - Grenada to Tortola, and various 9-day charters in the BVI. When Tom Shaffer left the ship in December I became mate. But shortly thereafter my other shipmates left and when new crew came it wasn't the same anymore so I left as well. I've remained in contact with the Kimberly's through the years. I saw the Romance for the last time in Quebec, and one time the Kimberlys came to dinner at my brother Michael's house in Grosse Pointe, MI (also an ex-Romancer, '71 I think). Tom Shaffer was there too. I think its great that the Kimberlys are still sailing. Frankly, when the Romance was sold, I envisioned Skipper pushing a lawnmower and the idea just never settled right. Do you know what I mean? The same for Mrs. K.

I've been living in Rio de Janiero for the last couple of years. If you forward this to the K's I'll remind Skipper of his old single word, gultural, morning request for water during breakfast. Agua! He used to say. I am now fluent in Portuguese but that was the first word I ever learned.

Best regards,

John Dodge

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