From 1975-77 on the First World Cruise the Chief Engineer from Saint George to Papeette, was ? Campbell, I can't remember his first name. He was from England, and went home to get married.

Very sad to hear about the loss of the Romance. I've often wondered what happened to the ship, her Captain and Crew.

It's very interesting, last night I held yet another slide show for my family. Today my wife found the "Romance" web site! I am working on getting my slide show digitized for prosperity (and ease of viewing!) I will be happy to share when the project is complete. I would love to see anyone else's film or photos of our world cruise 1975-1977.

My experiences crewing on Romance led me to become a Mechanical Engineer. I have worked in Defense, Optics, Robotics, and Medical Instrumentation over my career. I reside in Silicon Valley. I am married and have a 14 year old son who has the sailing bug. As a family we have sailed through the islands of Tonga, up and down the coast of California, and spent lots of time in the San Francisco Bay and Delta. In 1995 I returned to Tahiti, the Tuamoto's and Marquesas, on the freighter, Aranui. Things really had not changed too much except that this time around I discovered black pearls and actually had some money to spend. In 1998 I returned to the Cook Islands via the Societies on the ship World Discoverer. The Yankee is no longer! I have kept up my scuba diving and my family now joins me.

I am taking a US Sailing Small Boat Instructor class in February so that I can work more with the kids and pass on my enthusiasm for sailing. I am a member of Sequoia Yacht Club in Redwood City and am serving as Assistant Port Capitan.

I would love to hear from folks as to where they are and what they are up to. Romance time is still some of my best memories~traveling at four knots.

Thanks Skipper and Gloria for the opportunity of a lifetime!!!

Praise to Neptune,

Dan Humphreys
2443 Benjamin Dr.
Mt. View, CA 94043

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