What a wonderful surprise to find your web site dedicated to the Romance. You've done a fine job with it-- thank you for reminding me (and others) of the great, life-changing times we all shared on board.

I first joined the crew of Romance during a sabbatical from my sophomore year at college, in 1983. I remember arriving at the English pub on Tortola late one Saturday night to find that the ship had left that afternoon. Bewildered, penniless and unsure what to do next, I spent the night on the beach to be greeted in the morning by a vision that still remains vivid in my mind--the Romance sailing into Road Harbor under a full press of sail.

Being a tender and naive college kid, the first few weeks aboard were rough--I remember Skipper barely said a word to me except to chastise me for trying to grow my beard. Suddenly I realized that this was not going to be the balmy Caribbean cruise that I had anticipated. But, recovering from the shock, I worked hard to prove my worth and soon won the acceptance and respect of the K's and my mates--Mac, Angus and Phil. My time aboard Romance that year was an important turning point in my maturation and to this day I look back on that time and the people I worked alongside with great respect.

I returned to the Romance as mate in 1985 to work again with a great group of guys, Brian and Andrew. I have great memories from that time: Skipper making the gravy each evening in the galley, Mrs. K's fabulous meals ( and the look on passengers faces when they realized there were no napkins..); the swell and roll of the ship, sleeping under the stars; heaving the anchor and the pride we all took in setting sail quickly and efficiently; motoring into the English pub or Stanleys for a night of dancing and debauchery; Skipper's lessons in rigging, sail making, and ship handling; the pride in a job well done. There were many memories packed in those few short years and they have all stayed vividly with me.

I returned to the ship with Lisa Forecellini for a delivery trip from Antigua in 1987 and I remember as I left the ship to return to graduate school, watching her one last time as the Taxi drove over the hills of Tortola.

After my time aboard Romance, I worked 2 seasons aboard the Hudson River sloop Clearwater, made yacht delivery's down south from the east coast, and still race whenever I can in the Bermuda Race. If any of my mates from the Romance happen to stumble upon this site as I did, I would love to hear from you and to know what you're all up to.

Thanks again Tony for doing homage to the K's, a great ship and the people who served aboard her.

Michael A. Jehle
Director of Curatorial Affairs
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