The Kimberly Collection

The Kimberlys collected many things on their world travels. In March of 1989 I visited while Romance was waiting for time in the drydock, needing work. I was able to photograph a number of the carvings they had on board with Gloria providing details of each. Memory is a bit sketchy here and chicken scratch notes make identification shaky, so if I have mis-labeled any thing, please let me know. If you happen to have photos of other items I can include in the Museum, again let me know.

Shark carved by Jay Warren on Pitcairn.
Beam carving by ?

Headboard carved in Bali - 1 1/2" Borneo Teak.

Shark carved by Len Brown, presented to the Kimberlys December, 1975 From Len & Thelma.

Romance returning from raised atoll Henderson Island with Miro Wood for carvings.

Sepik River, New Guinea Canoe Masks. Large Night Mask, Small Day Mask.

Brigantine ROMANCE carving by John Christian who was magistrate in the days of YANKEE, breadfruit used for sails.

Tokelau Islands, North of Samoa. Model of a log outrigger.

Shark carving by Jacob Warren, father of boy who did big shark.

Figurine from island off mouth of Sepik River, Island of Bam, with ancestral figure bird on head.

Dragon carving from ?.

Carved bow pieces from the Marshall Bennett Islands from the large, trading outrigger Kula canoes. Originally painted in white, read and black. These have been scrubbed of all paint to show wood underneath.

Nose flute from isle of Ambrin, now in the island nation of Vanuatu.