Lost Marineros

Marineros we've lost touch with.
As time goes on we lose contact with the many Marineros and Guests who sailed aboard Romance. Email addresses come and go. There are many people we can no longer reach. There are a lot of other Marineros out there now with their own stories to tell. Please take a moment and look over the list. It is long, it is rough and there may be errors. If you happen to know any of their new email addresses, help us freshen our list by clicking on the link below!

Marineros who have passed.
Gloria sent me a list of Marineros as of 1978, some marked with an inverted anchor indicating those who had passed. You'll find their names in the last column. If you happen to be listed and reports of your passing are highly exaggerated, my apologies, let me know. If you know of others, share their names so we can recognize and remember them. If you have a story about them you want to share, I'll attach it to their name.
Thank you.

Help us re-connect with and remember Marineros.

Alan Baise
Alan Dickinson
Alberta Kelly
Alene Kremer
Alice Davis
Andy Koch
Angelo Cerchione
Ann Guest
Ann Warrington
Anne Pokrassa
Annie Furber
Art Ericksen
Arthur Trexton
Barbara Keyser
Barbara McDermott
Barney Goldblatt
Beth Shaffer
Betsy Bowen
Betty Stevenson
Bob Chambers
Bob Davies
Bob Norris
Bob Rogers
Bob Woodrow
Brice Fisher
Bruce Cameron
Carl Walther
Carol Vanderhoof
Carolyn Potts
Cathy Gregory Gaines
Charles Brown
Charter Kays (S.F. area)
Chris Frost
Chris Foster
Chuck Burton
Clair Byrne
Clark Voss (Savannah area?)
Dan Krachuk
Dan Stinson
David Baker
David Gibson
David Pittman
David Sherzer
David Wimpslimer
Derek Chamberlain
Diana Contini
Dick Day
Dotty Seaton
Doug Hazelton
Doug Murphy

Ed Porter
Ed Kostuk
Eddie Hollister
Eileen Jones
Erik Fabian
Fran Miller
Francis Katrichen
Francois Bergeron
Frazer Kershaw
Fritz Kamschulte
George Scott
Greg Buechner
Greg Mantuffel
Helen Erbe
Helen Mills
Herbie Erf
Ian Gilbertson
Jamie Barger
Jane Lacky
Janice Wooldridge
Jeanne Nelson
Jeff Mucha
Jim Chase
Jim Wilkie
Joanie Clark (Wisconsin?)
Joe Berkhall
Joe Colpitt
Joe Engelhard
Joe Farnsworth
Joel & Julie Jacobs
John Campbell
John Cuthbert
John Goodwin
John Mavrogenes
John Wallace
Johnathon Freidberg
Jon Bilhuber
Kathey McCracken
Katie Sloan
Kit McDougal
Larry Goldberg
Laura McMurry
Lora Evans
Mark Nebel
Mark Schennum
Michael Kusmin
Michael Phelps
Michelle Coppola
Mike Brown
Mike Moore
Mike Shafer
Millie Heptinstall (Sussex, UK)
Misha Ringland
Mitsou Lloyd (Mancester, NH)
Nancy Ernst
Naomi Saito
Ned Colt
Pat Feeney
Pat Secker
Patricia Bradley
Patrick Feeney
Peg Sullivan
Pete McDonald
Pete Valentine
Randy James
Reed Taylor
Rick Perras
Rob Peterson
Roger Dobson
Ron Cross
Sara Goodgame
Sharon Kalen
Stan Rapoport
Stan Reed
Steve Alm
Steve Locker
Steve Underwood
Sue Campbell
Thera Alt
Tom Dudley
Tom Hennessey
Tom Knox
Tom Sherman
Van Plummer
Walley Edmonds
Win Lenihan (Boston?)


Captain Arthur Kimberly
Mrs. Gloria Kimberly
Mick Jones, (Engineer)
Carl Siegel (Bahamas)
Tony Mignano (Hawaii)
Carol Roehm (Navigator)
Eileen Jones (Mate)
Dawn Tornquist (Honorary)
Ed Bussell (Honorary)
Ginny Caspari
Wayne Williamson
Walt Haney
Angelo Cercione (Guest?)
Lincoln McGuire
David Letham
Peggy Bibby-Cheshire
Bert Rodgers
Art Erickson (Galapagos '66)
Art Read
Scott Ray
Mary Tysver

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