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Spring 2007 

Clyde Sanadi visited Skipper. He shares this with us:

This visit, both my father and 11-year old daughter came with me. We all talked a lot, went for a long walk around the area and had a nice lunch. Skipper has a really great place to live, lots of space and is situated right on a small channel of the intra-coastal waterway, separated from the main channel by a large stretch of mangrove trees. There is a boatyard a few hundred yards away and the town center of New Smyrna Beach is a 5-10 minute walk. His dog, Lucky is with him as well, and does a good amount of walking. New Smyrna Beach is a small town, rare in Florida, with an arts history.

Skipper will be going to Charleston, SC in a couple weeks when the Tall Ship fleet will be there. Picton Castle will be there as well. For details, visit:

Clyde also spoke with Skipper's old friend, Carl Friberg who had these observations:

"Now consider come eye-ball to eye-ball with someone who like myself at the time was just a tanker stiff...worse yet, a SOCONY stiff ( Standard Oil always had that peculiar reputation ), and is now the embodiment of the dreams millions of men have had, but never achieved....playing life to suit one's self.

Arthur is a legend...more than enigma. He pulled it off...gheeez, did he pull it off big time. Though he shared the latter part of the last century with the sailing/cruising crowd, and continues to this day...he himself lived his idea of the sailing past of wooden ships, and iron men. Unreal really. Imagine what Joseph Conrad could have done with his story...though a happy one for sure.

Whoever heard of Kimberly except those in the cruising/sailing crowd? Unlike Villiers who through his affiliation with the movie people was known by most "land" people....I never heard of him as he faded in, and out of my menory over the years. But Kimberly was for millions of men that ghost who haunted them with dreams of "getting away"...sailing away on their own ship - sail or otherwise."

The article by Mark Johnson in the Daytona Beach News-Journal was published April 23rd. A number of ex-ROMANCERS talked with Mark. Here is the article.

Peter Wholihan writes:
Yes, Skipper would enjoy getting mail from shipmates that see his address on the Windship Way site. It is:

Capt. Arthur Kimberly
402 Riverside Dr.
New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168

My mother grew up with Gloria and when I graduated from University my gift from her was a trip on the Romance. I sailed on her in Jan. of '82, and have been in St. Thomas ever since. I was so fortunate in they they became my extended family in the islands and I spent countless days with them aboard Romance. In the summers, I would visit them on Woodmont or up in Sanilac. I will really miss Gloria and having Skipper close by in Michigan in the summer and Christmas time- we spend part of the summer in Michigan each year.

Skipper came to my mother's house for dinner this Christmas and I was able to spend some time with him in Detroit during that time. He is now living on the intercoastal, not too far from the sea. He and Lucky take walks and are getting adjusted to their new surroundings. My wife and I will be up in April to see him for a week.

Winter 2007 

The Windship Way has been quiet since Mrs. Kimberly passed, but recently a number of interesting visitors stopped by.

Martha Rheinhardt from Pocasset, MA wrote to say that her grandfather, Richard T. Wales, knew Capt. Kimberly when Skipper was very young and helped him earn his Seamanship merit badge. She had heard much about Skipper and Mrs. K. from her grandfather. Her friends, Brian Andrews and Deirdre O'Regan, encouraged her to get in touch.

Donald White saw the ROMANCE for the first time in Quebec 1984 and then cruised aboard her with Lise Chartrand in December 1984. His close friend, Alain Rheault, also from Quebec sailed on the same New Year's trip from San Juan to the BVI.

Richard Phillips (, a 1962 graduate of Tabor Academy, emailed the Windship Way. While at the Academy, the TABOR BOY long-raced the YANKEE and ALBATROSS on several occasions. He is currently designing a photo gallery of the three ships but needs specifics about the Yankee's last days.

Fall 2006 

Friday, November 24th, 2006

As you may have heard by now, Mrs. Kimberly passed away on November 23rd.

Gloria was an incredible lady and we were so lucky to have seen her and Skipper at the reunion. Please keep them in your prayers. It will be tough for Skipper; if you want to write him, here is their address:

Capt. Arthur Kimberly
14577 Woodmont
Detroit, MI 48227

The AJ Desmond & Sons Funeral home also has an obituary and guestbook online.

Judy Bracik sent these photos of Mrs. K., taken at Mike Dodge's the day of the reunion and on the '71-'72 Galapagos/S. Pacific voyage. If you want to share any thoughts about Mrs. K, I'd be happy to post them here.

Another flurry of emails & shared items......
Kay Money of Blue Sky Adventures wrote about her adventure aboard ROMANCE with friends in the '80s. Guillermo (Bill) Turnbull sent two great emails with recollections of his time aboard in 1972. Chip deVillafranca stopped by to add his name to the crew list for 1973, sailing with Clark Voss. Carol Vanderhoof did a Herculean job of scanning and cleaning up several old ROMANCE maps and Logs for Peter Degman which she forwarded. I've added "GONE SAILIN" to the collection of online logs. Anyone else have other old "Log of the ROMANCE" copies? Bob Wallace sent some great group photos of Marineros from the '75-'77 circumnavigation. Will be adding some of Bob and Peter's materials.

Roger Conrad emailed, shared his recollections of his time aboard ROMANCE in 1971. Dan Humphreys emailed an addition to the crew list for 75-77: John Campbell, UK, Chief engineer, Granada - Tahiti. Anyone know more about his wedding/marriage since then?

Things have quieted down considerably after the reunion, but have heard from several who attended. It was a great time. I found another list of crew from deep-sea cruises and will add those names to the Crew listing. After talking to so many ex-ROMANCERS it was hard to remember everyone's face, name and special story. (maybe too much Vitamin R...) Can someone confirm the names of crew in the group photo above the mellon ROMANCE logo photo below? Who had those early ROMANCE logs? Several people had small carved mementos from their cruises. Can you send me a photo and a story? Did anyone capture the great stories on tape? I'd love to transcribe some of those lessons that were shared. Just received a great email from Andy O'Connell with his recollections of time aboard ROMANCE in 1974.

Summer 2006 

ROMANCE Reunion ROCKS -- August 19, 2006:

Gently that is, aboard the PICTON CASTLE at the Seaway Terminal in Port Huron. It was a great get-together with ex-ROMANCERS traveling from all over to meet and reminisce. The K's were welcomed aboard with fanfare and Mrs. K. mixed the Marlinspike with the secret ingredient (tang) and ample Vitamin R.

Dinner was served and afterwards many great heartfelt stories were shared. Everyone who spoke, spoke of the lessons learned on their watch. Betsy Bowen on "Put some beef into it!!! and HEART", others on "Properly Way", "God Doesn't Always Say No", "Just Do It", "Trust" and a host of other pertinent lessons on life. All related how their training aboard ROMANCE had changed their lives and given them the tools to succeed. Doors opened due to their teacher's reputation for that training. Stories about Marineros from the ROMANCE signing aboard many other great sailing ships; their credentials those of seaman trained well and hard by a master.

There were stories that evening on 1st times on the Royal in squalls, Dengue fever, those wretched outboard motors, islands explored, Skipper and new crew, navigation expertly done with new maps revised in the 1800's, time spent inside the Alpha, hull painting and scraping, last run's missed.......... Captain Rybka noted of Skipper while aboard the NIAGARA that (to paraphrase) "It was constitutionally impossible for Skipper to walk the length of the NIAGARA without doing something helpful." There were stories of decks loaded with Miro wood and days on Pitcairn.

In attendance were these ex-ROMANCER's along with some visitors from the NIAGARA and other friends of the K's.

Bert Rogers
John Dodge and Claudia Leite
Mike Jehle
Peter Damon
Judy Bracik
Tom and Becky Mingano
Clyde Sanadi
Mark Seski and family
Larraine and Ronn Winkler
Betsy Bowen and Olaf
Tom Shafer and Agnes
Dan Humphreys, Katherine and Christopher
Steve Hopkins
Mike Dodge and family
Janet and Doug Antwright and family
Bob Wallace
Jeroen Gerritsen
Peter Degman and Carol Vanderhoof
Jim Brink
Andrew Leyzack
Brian Donnely
Tony and Louise Audrieth
Mac Coombs
Mary Tysver
James Webster
Lynn Bouch

It was about HEART. Skipper and Mrs. K. said simply "We couldn't have done it without you."

It was an honor for Louise and I to meet all of you whose love for the Kimberlys and their Brigantine ROMANCE shone clearly that evening. When I wrote the K's in 1997 about a website for the ROMANCE it was to feature the ROMANCE. You though are the heart. It was great to finally meet many of you who had visited this website and I look forward to the flurry of emails and shared photos to come. If anyone has audio of the stories and could get me a copy, I'd like to include more accurately those lessons in a new area, "Recollections and Reflections of ROMANCE"
(L to R): Ronn Winkler, Larraine Halpin Winkler. Peter Damon, Judy Bracik Davis, Captain, Mrs. K, Lynn Bouch all from 71-72 Galapagos/So. Pacific trip

ROMANCE Reunion Details:

Our host Dan Moreland has asked that we come on board Picton Castle after 6:30 PM on the 19th. The Picton Castle will be docked at Port Huron's Seaway terminal. Spike will be served starting at 7 with a wonderful dinner prepared by Picton Castle's crew to follow. Please bring a bottle of rum (or other lesser liquid) to help quench your thirst and any special foods, dessert, etc you care to bring. For those who spend all night telling sea stories, Dan has offered to prepare Skipper's famous fried eggs floating in grease (hopefully with "gravy") the following morning. Most Importantly, if you are planning to come, please contact either Mike Dodge (313-882-8985) or me ( with the names of everyone you are planning to come with. In these days of homeland security, we will need to give port security the names of all attendees.

Spring 2006 

A lot of people have been in touch with the Windship Way this Spring. Guillermo Turnbull (Summer of '72), Scott Beard (Fall '72 into '73), Judy Bracik ('71 Galapagos), Thomas Kimberly (Skipper's long lost cousin), Sid & Sue Schwartz (guests Thanksgiving Week '68), Jean Shaub (Grenada to Hawaii) and Melbourne Smith. Need their email addresses? Let me know.

Fall 2005 

Davo Pittman, who crewed in Summer of 1967 and to the Galapagos in 1968, found the ROMANCE website and sent a great email about his recollections of the Kimberlys and his time aboard ROMANCE. Check out his email which is linked to his name in "Guests & Crew".

Mike Jehle sent this photo from the recent event recognizing the Kimberlys. A few ROMANCE crew gathered at the American Sail Training Association's conference in Bay City, Michigan to honor Skipper and Mrs. K. Capt. Bert Rogers, Director of Ocean Classroom, gave a moving tribute to the K's contributions to sail training and leadership, as the room rose to a standing ovation. Left to right are Mike Jehle (ASTA), Johnny Dodge, Mrs. K, Mike Dodge, Skipper, Capt. Bert Rogers and Tom Shafer.

There is great interest in organizing another, larger reunion of ROMANCE crew next summer, probably in Michigan, as part of the Tall Ship events. Interested? Contact Mike at .

A big thanks to Clyde Sanadi for sending these photos. Clyde is the one with the hair between Dan Moreland & Clark Voss. Here are parts of his email:
The photo of Skipper and Mrs. K in long sleeves was taken in Quebec City in 1984 when I was on Topaz, again with Michael Wheeler. I have lost touch with Mike Wheeler, and would love to reconnect with him, he is British, if you have any way of putting any inquiries out I'd be grateful.

I last saw Skipper in Boston in 1998 when he was on Picton Castle, what a treat that was! I'm in good touch with Dan Moreland, saw him in Sweden when he was on Danmark, in New Bedford on Ernestina, and again in New York on Picton Castle before she was rigged.

Long live the Romance tradition, I guess it's timeless, as long as some of us are still kicking!! I can hear Skipper now ... Do It "Properly Way" ...

Also in touch was Joel Jacob who sailed aboard ROMANCE in 1971 with his wife, Julie. Erik Fabian emailed the Windship Way. He crewed aboard ROMANCE in 1988. Andrew Leyzack, who crewed in 1986, stopped by as well and mentioned that TORONTO BRIGANTINE, Inc. is accepting applications for the position of Brigantine Captain. For more details, visit their site at the above link.

On November 2nd, a Wednesday evening, the Kimberlys will be honored by the American Sail Training Association for their contributions. There is more about the conference at The reception will be at the DoubleTree Hotel, Bay City Riverfront, One Wenonah Park Place, Bay City, Michigan from 6:30 - 9 PM.

The K's had a special guest, an old friend from the days of the YANKEE, visit them. Eileen Dickies (hope I've got the name right.) visited them for lunch and reminiscing. Also, Art Rissberger was in touch and if anyone wants to contact him, his email address is ARTRISS@AOL.COM. Boivin Gilles got in touch, he sailed aboard ROMANCE in December 1994.

Late Spring 2005 

May 8th.

Several past crew members have been in touch. Bruce Cameron (1968), Carl Krater (1967) and Tad Donnan ('75-'77) visited the Windship Way. Check out Tad's email linked to his name in the Guest and Crew section.

Spring 2005 

March 25th.

Mrs. K. found a 2X2 color positive of the ROMANCE under stun'sails; the same photo used on their large postcards. She thought ROMANCE crew and guests might be interested in copies of this photo. It should be available from The ROMANCE Sea Chest page which is being developed as we speak. She has been looking for photos for her book jacket and it is one of the best of ROMANCE under sail.

And the writing goes on. It is a huge job which she is working on every day. Chapters for the book already written: Grenada, San Blas, Panama, Cocos Island, Galapagos, Pitcairn, Palmerston Atoll, Malekula, Gawa, Marshall Bennets, Ticopia, Ambrym, Komodo Dragons, Bali Cremation, Santa Maria, Singapore....and more.

Recent visitors to the Windship Way include Rick Perras who crewed aboard ROMANCE in '67-'68, passengers Ed and Barbara Kinney who were aboard in February of 1972 and Jeroen Gerritsen (a.k.a. Dutch) who crewed January through March of 1970.

Anyone a Jimmie Buffett FAN? Did you happen to notice the lighthouse on the cover of his new book "A Salty Piece of Land"? It looks very much like the Great Isaac lighthouse that Skipper built a model of......

Winter 2004 

December 20th.

After a summer of work on their cabin and a trip up to Mackinac for Fall Colors, the K's have settled in and are working around their home. They just sent this new version of "A Romance Christmas Night":

T'was the night before Christmas, and far out to sea,
Romance was sailing along silently,
Her sails were set to the royal that night,
Sidelights and masthead, all burning bright,
The moon on the breast of the breaker's below,
Gave the dark sea, a luster of new fallen snow.

The stockings were hung on the fiferail with care,
In hopes that St. Nicholas could find us out there,
And what to our wondering eyes appeared then,
A red painted skiff and eight shiny dolphin.
Then in a twinkling, Santa came alongside;
passed up his sea bag. "Merry Christmas," he cried.

He was dressed in red oilskins, his eyes very bright.
"I came a long way to find you tonight!"
His beard was all tangled with seaweed and salt,
And he cleared the bulwarks, in one spritely vault.
He filled all the stockings, then back to the wheel.
"Haven't steered a brigantine in a century, I feel."

Skipper gave him a course, and stepped aside,
And the old helmsman, Nicholas, glowing with pride,
"I wish I could let you try out my sleigh,
But its time I get going. It's soon Christmas day."
Santa whistled to his dolphins, as they came alongside,
And he jumped in the sleigh, for the long briney ride.

They circled Romance, then rose to the sky,
"Merry Christmas ye sailors, fair winds and good bye!"

Several ex-ROMANCER's were in touch since April. Adrian Loughborough got in touch, he had sailed with the Kimberly's on the 1st delivery, 1968 and 1969. Betsy "Bowline" Bowen emailed from Hawaii; she sailed aboard ROMANCE between 1979 and 1981. Guests Pat and Don Quinn shared their memories from December 1972.

Check out N.M.H.S. Winter 2004-2005 SEA HISTORY for an article by Capt. Dan Moreland on the PICTON CASTLE. There's a photo of Skipper making the 1st sails for the PICTON CASTLE.

Spring 2004 

April 18th.

Gloria has settled into serious writing mode; several hours a day pulling the best of all early recollections and log entries together for the book.

Early guest GARY COOMBS emailed the Windship Way an excellent letter of his memories as a young boy aboard ROMANCE. The K's were happy to get his email which I forwarded to them via snail-mail. If you are reading this for the first time, be sure to send me an email with your fond memories which I will add to the log and send along to Skipper and Gloria.

Winter 2004 

February 1st.

Capt. & Mrs. K have both been busy. Skipper is transcribing a synopsis of all their deepsea voyage logs in one volume and Gloria is working at pulling together a huge amount of material. She is putting together all of the best from all of the deepsea voyages; wrestling with continuity in the crew. Most of the most interesting primitive island materials are from their very earliest voyages and written many years ago.

The Windship Way heard from Dan Humphreys who traveled with the Kimberlys aboard the ROMANCE on the 1st world cruise. Check out his email in the "Crew and Guest" section. Also in touch were Captain Scott L. Ray and Captain Pat Secker who knew Brian Donnelly and worked aboard ROMANCE during the filming of Pieter Von Schulton around 1986.

Dr. Arthur Topilow emailed; he and his wife, along with close friends, Dr. and Mrs. Jay Coblentz sailed aboard ROMANCE in early 1968. Adrian Lufborough was first mate at the time.

Fall 2003 

October 1st.

In September we visited the K's in Port Sanilac and spent two afternoons talking about their experiences aboard the ROMANCE. They've been busy; Gloria working on her writing and Skipper finishing up on their carving projects. Here is Skipper with the restored Billet Head.

From left to right:

-Port Hole from Capt's Cabin,
Steamer "PUT-IN-BAY"

-4 Mast Full-Rigged Ship,

-4 Mast Barque "ABRAHAM RYDBERG"

Original Billet Head, height 16", length, 20", (replica 8" x 10")

7' Replica of the ROMANCE Trail Board (Original was 14')

Spring 2003 

April 1st.

The Kimberlys are busy with a new project, redoing ROMANCE's scroll work, hand carving the extensive design out of white cedar.

(Editor's Note: On a recent trip to Antigua, I found the SY SEA CLOUD in port. I knew that a number of ROMANCE-trained crew had worked aboard so I paid her a visit. While no ex-ROMANCE crew were aboard at this time, I had a chance to visit with Michael Phelps, 3rd mate. In 1982, while aboard the CHRYSALIS, in Fiji, he had visited the ROMANCE and met the Kimberlys.)

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