Hello tony,

I just found your "Brigantine Romance" website and I love it! I was a lowly deckhand on the circumnavigation of '75-'77 and cherish the memories. It was a fantastic trip! I had been in the Sea Scouts so I had a basic knowledge of sailing and the knots and stuff but that was my first blue water experience. I quit the best job, my life's career as far as I was concerned: I was(and still am) a train fan and I was a trainman for seaboard coastline railroad working out of Miami. I had 2 1/2 years seniority and quit to go sailing! My fellow workers thought I was crazy. "You are going to pay to work on a boat?"! That was the start of a long career at sea.

I am still sailing now. After a few years on tallships and schooners (Pride of Baltimore, Lindo) I moved on to private yachts and now am on my 3rd circumnavigation! I was engineer on a 94' ketch that was then donated to a whale research organization. I stayed on and am now on a round the world voyage studying sperm whales. Look us up on the pbs website to see what I am up to: pbs.org and click on the "voyage of the odyssey".

I am in Darwin, Australia presently and the "Picton Castle" has just passed through. Her captain is Dan Moreland who was the mate on Romance's '75-'77 world trip as well as long-time crewman on their Virgin Islands tourist trips. I haven't seen Dan since '86. Also, on a chance meeting on the dock here I met Doug Hazleton, a crew member from the '68 trip to the Galapagos. We had a grand time trading "Romance" tales! He is running a boat slowly making its way around the world, left the Caribbean 6 years ago!

A question I have, Gloria and one of the mates, Randy Jones, did a lot of filming with bolex 16 mm movie cameras. Did a film or video ever get put together of the world trip? I have written the Kimberlys in past years but they never said.

Again, thanks for a great website. it gives the Brigantine Romance proper credit and respect.

Bob Wallace

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