The Windship Way: Leisure Travel under Sail

It was that photograph. A large sailing ship, heeling in the breeze, islands in the background, bright blue sky overhead with puffy clouds. You could see people standing on the deck, looking out over the sea. A small bow wave glinted in the sunlight as the ship headed for its next port. I could almost feel the wind, smell the sea spray, hear the waves slapping the bow and taste the salt. That one photograph of the Flying Cloud sold me.

It was from the deck of the Flying Cloud in 1979 that I first saw the Brigantine Romance. And, although the Flying Cloud no longer sails and the ROMANCE is only a memory, there are now others to take their place.

There is a whole fleet of vessels, world wide, that offer this exceptional way to travel and vacation. Their hallmark is their laid-back, easy-going style of cruising. Ships range from smaller vessels carrying around a dozen passengers to larger vessels carrying as many as 150 lucky shipmates. Their styles range from absolutely informal to dress; there is something for everyone. Most are ideal for family vacationing while some are more formal, refined and adult oriented.

If you have the time and want to plan the cruise yourself, start with the personal Cruise Guide Questionnaire. I'll forward it participating sailing ship operators. If they offer what you're after, they'll be in touch.

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