Print this out and take a few minutes to answer the questions.

Have you sailed on a traditional sailing ship before?  	__No   __Yes  Ship's name:_______________

What type of cruise do you want?
__A relaxing, do nothing cruise with maximum leisure and few cares.
__A cruise to learn seamanship, sail-handling and ship maintenance.
__A theme cruise with educational value that reflects your hobbies.
__A cruise to toughen both mind & body; few luxuries & maximum challenge.
__A cruise for a more adult, dating, party-oriented activities.
__A cruise for a __Honeymoon, __Anniversary, __or other special occasion ______________________.

How many passengers do you want to sail with?
__Less than 10.   __10 to 25.   __25 to 50.   
__50 to 75.  __75 to 150.   __ 150 to 300.

What type of meals do you prefer?
__Simple fare.      __Homestyle with regional specialties.  
__Gourmet dining.   __Have special dietary needs:_______________________________________________

Who will you be traveling with?
__Alone.   __Significant other.   __Spouse.   __Family.  __Friends.

If with a family, what are the children's ages?  Check all that apply.
__Under six.  __Six to ten.   __Ten to sixteen.  __Over Sixteen.

What style of cruise do you prefer?  Check all that apply.
__Family style.   __Working cruise.   __Leisurely  __Party cruise.

What level of organized activities would you prefer?
__None.  __A few.  __Many organized activities.

When it comes to sail handling........
__Let someone else.   __Willing to help.   __Want to actively participate in sail handling.

What other sailing related activities do you want to learn?
__Learn the ropes & rigging.  __Celestial navigation.  Other:__________________________

What about personal comforts?  Check those you prefer.
__Shared shower & head OK....         or __Private shower & head a must.
__Cool water is OK....                or __Hot water is a must.
__Natural Ventilation OK....          or __Air conditioning is a must.
__Bunk Beds/Small accomodations OK... or __Regular Beds are a must. (space is at a premium....)
__Keep my own cabin clean is OK....   or __Prefer room and laundry service.    

What about cabin size and location?  
__Roomy.   __Average.   __Small cabin ok.  __Would share.
__Topside  __Below decks ok.  __Inside  __Outside

Physical health and agility make a difference.  Are you......
__In great shape.  __In good shape.   __Unable to climb ladders.  
__In a doctor's care.  __Taking prescriptions. __Sun sensitive.
__Concerned about seasickness.  __Not concerned about seasickness. 

What type of activities would you enjoy?  
__Swimming.   __Scuba.   __Sightseeing.   __Shopping.   
__Exploring.  __Visiting fine restaurants.  __Hiking.   
__Sunbathing.   __Beachcombing.  __Nature studies. 
__ Other:_____________________________________________

What is your budget, per person per week, not including airfare?
__Less than $500.  __$500.-$1000.  __$1000.-$1500.  __Over $1500. 

Circle the month/s you'd like to cruise: 
Jan  Feb  Mar  Apr  May  Jun  Jul  Aug  Sep  Oct  Nov  Dec

Or Specific Travel Date of:______________________________

What type of vessel do you want to sail on?
__Wooden-hulled.  __Steel-hulled.  __Schooner.  __Square-rigger.  
__Traditional vessel.  __Modernized vessel.  __Does not matter.

How long would you like to cruise?
__3 days.   __1 Week.  __2 Weeks, __longer if possible.

Would you be interested in any of the following theme cruises?  
__Photography.   __Folk music.   __Watercolor.   __Fall foliage.  
__Whale watching.  __Nature cruise.   __Windjammer gatherings.  
__Ocean cruising.   __Transatlantic.   __Historical focus.   
__Educational.  __Tall Ship gathering.   __Windjammer races.   
__Elder Hostel.   __College credit.   __Marine biology.  __Pirates.  

Is there a specific area of the world you want to cruise?
__New England seacoast.   __Great Lakes.  __Pacific Northwest.   
__Atlantic Ocean   __Mediterranean   __Caribbean.    __Bahamas 
__South Pacific.   __Cocos island/Galapagos islands.  
__Other areas:_________________________________________________

__Please have participating sailing cruise operators review this and send me literature.

Name:_________________________ Address:___________________________________________________

__I would rather they email me at: _______________________

If you would like to receive literature or an email from cruise companies, based on the answers you provided,
please fax your completed questionnaire to me at 217-352-3840.
I'll forward it to participating companies.
Thank You.

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