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Winter 2021

Dear Marineros,
Pardon the late announcement, somehow I missed the Press Release from Dona Giglio.

The Captain's Legacy Society of North Kingstown, RI has awarded a Marinero Fund scholarship to a 26-year-old Martha's Vineyard resident, Chandler Biggs. Originally from Southern California, Chandler came to MV as a summer gardener and has had no previous sailing experience. The scholarship has been granted to Chandler whose ambition is to embark on an 8-week live-aboard internship sailing as a trainee on the Martha's Vineyard schooner Shenandoah. Voyages began on August 8th and Chandler has already completed her first exciting week aboard the vessel.

As an intern on board Shenandoah, Chandler will gain experience sailing alongside the paid professional crew. Once the 8-week sailing season has been successfully completed the captain of the ship will award trainees a sea time letter. This is the first step toward a licensing goal should candidates wish to pursue an adventurous career as a professional mariner. In addition, if Chandler has shown enthusiasm and a desire to continue as a shipmate and crew member both FUEL and Captain's Legacy Society agree to offer a 4-week extended opportunity. The awardee will then complete the season and remain aboard as part of the down-rigging team. While down-rigging the trainee will gain many maritime technical skills and will have a good idea if pursuing a voyage at sea is their next goal.

And a followup:
Chandler Biggs successfully completed her internship as crew aboard the Schooner Shenandoah. Chandler was asked to remain as a downrigging hand where she also succeeded in being a valuable asset according to the program Director Casey Blum. As of her departure from the Shenandoah, Chandler anticipated she would indeed be looking for a berth aboard a sailing ship once again. The Captain's Legacy Society is very pleased with the experience of our first Marinero Scholarship recipient. We are deeply grateful to the Windship Way and the Marinero social media group for their efforts on behalf of the Captains Legacy Society and in honor of Captain Bert Rogers. Huzzah!
With enormous gratitude,

Dona Giglio, Director
Captains Legacy Society

Summer 2021

Captain's Legacy Society Scholarship Update.

A scholarship from the Marinero Fund has been awarded to a Martha's Vineyard resident. The scholarship has been granted to a qualified recipient whose ambition is to embark on an 8-week live-aboard internship sailing as a trainee on the Martha's Vineyard schooner Shenandoah, with the FUEL organization. As an intern aboard Shenandoah, the trainee will gain experience sailing alongside the paid professional crew. Once the 8-week sailing period has been successfully completed the captain of the ship will award the trainee a sea time letter which is the first step toward a licensing goal if the trainee desires a more rewarding experience on the open sea or the adventuress career of a professional mariner.

In addition, if the awardee has shown enthusiasm and a desire to continue as a shipmate and crew member both FUEL and Captain's Legacy Society agree to offer a 4-week extended opportunity. The awardee will then complete the season and remain on board as part of the down-rigging team. While downrigging the trainee will gain many maritime technical skills and will have a good idea if a voyage at sea is their next goal. Stay tuned for more details about the Trainee!

Dona Giglio

1975 Marinero: David Loe

"I sailed the Romance in May 1975 with a group from Concordia College, Morehead, MN. I sailed with the Kimberly's and Dan Moreland. What prompted me to write at this time is I just finished reading Fair Winds & Plenty Of It by Rigel Crockett. A book about Dan Moreland's Picton Castle. Brought back many memories of Romance. Doing searches for the Kimberlys and Romance I found this site listing and looking for Marineros. I would be honored to be added to the list. Even though my time on board was many years ago, I remember conversations with Skipper and Dan like it was yesterday. I have crossed several oceans since on 70' cutters, but nothing like my time on Romance! Cheers David Loe

Dan Moreland on the evolution of Safety aboard ROMANCE and other ships.

Peter Damon ran across an article by Capt. Anderson Chase in Wooden Boat Magazine on the principles of Bridge Resource Management, Risk Assessment, and Margins of Safety. This prompted him to ask Dan Moreland about how well Marineros were prepared to do what they did on Romance back in the day and how other ships handled safety. What follows is an in-depth look at safety aboard a variety of ships including ROMANCE.
Read the whole article......

Winter 2020-2021


Peter Wholihan shared this photo of the Kimberly's last Christmas aboard the Romance. Anchored at off Prickly Pear island at the North Sound, Virgin Gorda. "We went ashore on Prickly Pear to cut a traditional Virgin Islands' Christmas Tree: Century Plant Flower, brought it aboard. I had much more hair back then!"

I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy & Safe New Year! Over the years I collected a lot of Romance marketing material and Tshirts. Thanks to Phil Lloyd we got a new T based on the Picton Castle reunion T. All of this material was of little value sitting in drawers, so I wanted to share it with Marineros. The remaining printed materials will go to Brigantine Romance museum.....;)

13 Marineros responded to the offer. Rob Peterson, Bob Wallace '75, Adrian Loughborough '68, Michael Graff '74, Dan Humphreys '75, Mark Seski '81, Chris Allen, Owen Hardy '69, Phil Brotherton '83, Mary Roberston '75, Lisa Thomassen '87, Peter Wholihan and Blaine Kopp '85.

"The Night before Christmas"
Gloria Kimberly, 2008

T'was the night before Christmas, and far out to sea,
Romance was sailing along silently,
Her sails were set to the royal that night,
Sidelights and masthead, all burning bright,
The moon on the breast of the breaker's below,
Gave the dark sea, a luster of new fallen snow.

The stockings were hung on the fiferail with care,
In hopes that St. Nicholas could find us out there,
And what to our wondering eyes appeared then,
A red painted skiff and eight shiny dolphin.
Then in a twinkling, Santa came alongside;
passed up his sea bag. "Merry Christmas," he cried.

He was dressed in red oilskins, his eyes very bright.
"I came a long way to find you tonight!"
His beard was all tangled with seaweed and salt,
And he cleared the bulwarks, in one spritely vault.
He filled all the stockings, then back to the wheel.
"Haven't steered a brigantine in a century, I feel."

Skipper gave him a course, and stepped aside,
And the old helmsman, Nicholas, glowing with pride,
"I wish I could let you try out my sleigh,
But its time I get going. It's soon Christmas day."
Santa whistled to his dolphins, as they came alongside,
And he jumped in the sleigh, for the long briney ride.

They circled Romance, then rose to the sky,
"Merry Christmas ye sailors, fair winds and good bye!"

Philip Brotherton shared some photos from 1982-1983. Skipper, Mrs. K, Mac Coombs, Angus McCamy, Don Lindsay, and myself. Had to include the traditional picture of hauling on lines!

Captains Legacy Society Update:

An update on the Captain's legacy society: That there are 3 potential students in the final applicant pipeline. One comes from the New York "Rock the Boat" program and two are currently participating in the World Ocean School's Islands program and hail from St. Croix. The selected student(s) would sail from St. Croix in March and arrive in Gloucester for shipyard period 6-8 weeks thereafter.

Summer 2020

Captains Legacy Society

A big thanks to Phil Lloyd for seed money to reprint one of the classic Romance T-shirts. We would like to help Dona Giglio in her fund-raising efforts to provide a scholarship to a 1 month "Rite of Passage" voyage. Anyone making a $100.00 donation will receive a T-shirt while supplies last. They are really nice XL Hanes Beefy Ts. Check out the great video and more information on her GoFundMe page and if you can help, please do.

The Marinero Fund

In other news, Clyde Sanadi sent an obituary for Chris Kosciuk from a recent Kalamazoo College Quarterly. He asked, "Did anyone sail with Chris Kosciuk one summer? His siblings are not sure of the year, perhaps '70 or '71." We'd like to add it to both the crew list and Marineros Lost pages. If you remember Chris, let us know.

Dan Moreland is writing an obituary for Bones for Wooden Boat & Caribbean Compass. You can see a picture of Wesley "Bones" Pilgrim (white cap) with Denis Thomas, Ashley (?) Fitzroy (?) Pilgrim and Dan Moreland aboard Picton Castle in Grenada in 2009 at the Romance FB page. He is requesting: 1: names of Bones brothers, 2. Bones/shipwright stories, 3. Bones/shipwright impact on us. Please comment if you have info...

Marinero Gene Goldman stopped by the Romance FB page. He was on Romance 69 - 70 from Beloit college. He was also with Mark from Beloit, Mark from Kalamazoo, another Mark and Jerome Garretson as well.

Spring 2020

Phil Lloyd's sister Mitsou found a treasure trove of photos and slides from the homeward bound leg of the second world cruise. He sent me this photo of Marineros Crossing the Line. Bert is next to me as the "hangman", Betsy has the mask on next to Jamie Barker, Davy Jones, Peggy Bibby Cheshire, Mark Craig, Becky Mignano, and Tom Shaffer. From Gloria's Log #12, Homeward Bound:

Leaving Recife, Romance crossed the Equator for the 6th time in this world voyage, with our first Queen Neptune -- the unsinkable Camilla Heptinstall presiding as Neptunus Regina. We savored every moment now, begrudging every mile slipping inexorably into our wake, knowing we were soon to leave our snug little shipboard world of sea and sky. One more port, Barbados; and Romance flew her traditional Homeward Bound Pennant -- a length of cloth cut from some old familiar garment worn by each of the crew, and sewn together into a proud and colorgul, if rag-tag 20 foot banner.

Saw a Marlinespike Magazine Facebook post about the Pride of Baltimore II and their plans. Captain Miles talked about Pride I and it reminded me of the K's 1986 Halley's Comet cruise. Down-island out of St. Vincent, first stop was Petit Nevis. Then on to the Tobago Cays, Palm Island and Bequia. Brian Donnelly and Andrew Leyzack were crew, joined by local Sutcliffe, who did exceptional scrimshaw carvings. An old, old friend of the Kimberly's, Eileen Jones from the Yankee days, joined 10 guests. We were anchored off Bequia with Pride I who had just arrived from Madiera Spain via Barbados. Their crew came over to the Romance for the evening. It would be a few short weeks later that the Pride was hit by a White Squall and lost with Captain Armin Elsaesser, Barry Duckworth, Vinny Lazarro and Nina Shack.

Peter Wholihan wrote: Was going through some stuff today, found this photo of Skipper in whites.
I sent this to Skipper many moons ago. Maybe this is Skipper in heaven?
Naw, they could not keep him that clean aboard the Romance ;-)
Hope everyone is safe, well, and stays that way!

Winter 2019-2020

Steve Hopkins wrote a great email about his early days aboard Romance. A delivery voyage, Honolulu/Long Beach, probably Spring 1972 after the World Cruise. Sailing off the pier in Honolulu, putting on a show for the FALLS OF CLYDE rigging gang, sailing on to LA, Mrs. K's 12 to 4 watch and Blue Whale encounter.

David Stricker shared a yardarm photo. "Coming down from Beloit in early 1971, I served with a couple of the Kalamazoo guys, 'Dutch' Gerritson and Roger Conrad. The fourth was Guillermo Turnbull (though he used a different first name) and Joe Ruedi. I opted not to do the trip to Grenada that spring, which I believe embarked then for the South Pacific. I always had some reservations about my decision. Certainly, I also knew several of the other Beloiters who served. Fond, though distant memories. Always fun to see a new email in my "Romance" inbox.

Owen Hardy was in touch, turning 70 this year. Brother Tom, who followed Owen aboard Romance in 1970, turns 73. His translation, "We're not getting any younger". That was followed by "Any news on a Reunion?" Good question. If anyone is planning mini-reunions or large, let us know. Would be worth sharing and looking forward to.

Thanks Anne Warrington "Wretched Anne" for the early photos of the Romance and Marineros aboard in 1985. Onboard were the K's, Mike Jehle, Andrew Leyzack and Brian Donnelly. Always looking for good photos of the Kimberlys over the years, if you have any, please send them along. Can anyone identify the Marinero in the middle?

Never know when I'll receive something interesting about Capt. Kimberly and his career. Here is an email I got from Tom Gibson, a collector of Havana photographer, Manuel Illa's ship's photographs:

There was a photographer in Havana named Manuel Illa who made a tidy living taking pictures of all manner of ships and boats entering the Havana Channel, working from a studio at 62 Calle Cuba in La Habana Vieja. He took the photos, quickly developed and printed them in sizes ranging from postcards to large panoramics, and offered the images to passengers and crew.

I collect his work, dating from the late-1930's through the Korean War era, and have ocean liners, warships, freighters and others that strike my fancy. When this image of the Guinevere popped up on ebay, it did not take long to determine the significance of the Guinevere, and further digging revealed your moving tribute pages to Capt. Kimberly. I send these scans to you of a postcard dated November 4, 1946, mailed from St. George's, Bermuda with a message from your Skipper, as I thought you may enjoy seeing it and sharing it with your fellow Marineros.

Summer 2019

Dona Giglio has created a gofundme page in honor of her husband Bert Rogers. The Captains Legacy Society is a scholarship fund to raise funds for a Marinero Scholarship. If you would like to donate to this fund, please visit it soon.

A new Marinero visitor discovered our website:
My name is Jim Wilkie. What a spectacular website to find a half-century later! I was aboard for the Galapagos voyage in 1968 (or most of it � I jumped ship in Panama on the way home). My time at sea began a smoldering fascination with ships that led to a degree in naval architecture and a ten-year career in the design and analysis of SWATH ships. The life lessons of a couple months with the Kimberlys and shipmates have had profound effect on me: this was the great off-the-wall adventure of my youth.
If you'd like to contact Jim, let me know. I have his address in Wisconsin and his email address.

Clyde Sanadi wondered: Which college, Beloit or Kalamazoo, did early Marineros hail from. Responses were great. Several names were suggested being from one or the other(?), so this list may need correction. Let me know.

Beloit: John Richert, Michael Graff, Guy Hermann, David Stricker, Ken Bryant, Jim Webster, John Hansen, Jonathan Giddings, Bert Rogers, John Marvengenes, Reed Taylor, Ronn Winkler, Susan Morley, Chris Allen, Arthur Thexton, Tom Dudley, Link(?), Skip(?), Dave "Charlie" Brown, Paul Skagfeld, John Burton, Jeff Webb and Mark Nebel.

Kalamazoo: Rob Peterson, Clyde Sanadi, Greg Chandler, Roger Conrad, Michael Jehle, Owen Hardy, Jeroen "Dutch" Gerritsen, John Taylor, Ross Campbell, Larry "Ace" Goldberg, Mike Dodge, Jim Brink and Jim Chase.

All of the emails had great memories and recollections, well worth reading. You can see them on the Beloit or Kalamazoo page. Again, let me know if you can make corrections or identify individuals.

Winter 2018

Michael Graff just sent some photos taken in 1974. Andy O'Connell was aboard and shared his observations in a great email.
From left to right: Michael Graff, Robie Price, Paul Ballou, Andy O'Connell, Lincoln McGuire, and Clary.

A new page called the Kimberly Collection was recently added to the Romance webpage. It is dedicated to the artifacts that they collected over the years. Several people helped identify different items and a few interesting new stories were shared.

Adrian Loughborough recalled the early days when he and Bob Chambers were aboard for the initial voyage from Miami to the Virgin Islands after outfitting the below decks with cabins for guests.

"Romance had arrived in Miami from California after Skipper and Gloria purchased her. We found the 'Romance' tied up at Dodge Island (Port of Miami) as it was called in those days before cruise ships and container gantries. We parked our small motorcycles (having ridden them from Toronto, Canada to Miami) along side the 'Romance' for several weeks while the work was completed below. Then off we went to the Virgins and the beginning of my 50 year career at sea".

Bob Wallace shared his recollections about his own items purchased while aboard Romance. Seems that molas from the San Blas islands were a hit amongst the crew. The Kimberly Collection is open to participation. If you can send me any photos of items you have, along with a description and details of when and where you got it, please do!

Several email addresses got updated on our mailing list and information about past Marineros was also shared. Peter Damon shared Mary Tysver's obituary which can be viewed in LOST MARINEROS .

Summer 2018

August 13th - Sad news from Brian Donnelly.

Fellow Marineros,
It is with great sadness that I have to report the loss of our fellow Marinero Bert Rogers. Bert passed away Saturday night of a heart attack while attending a family gathering in Iowa. Bert was a great friend and shipmate. He will be sorely missed by many.

For more about Bert's passing and Marinero condolences, In Memory of Bert Rogers. You can see the National Maritime History Society tribute and video at Sea History Tribute to Bert Rogers.

Don Lindsay writes: Bert was too young to go.... Brings up an interesting question with most of the Marineros over sixty. Who are the youngest Marineros? It might turn out to be something like civil war veterans in a few years. Perhaps a reunion is in order. Owen Hardy added, "Reunion is a good idea... I�d make every effort to go".

Becky Lyttle wrote, asking how to find Walt Haney's Diary of the 1966 Galapagos trip. Her husband, Art Erickson passed away in 2005 and she wanted to share his adventures with their children, Lori and Ivan. Walt's diary is available as a .pdf file on the Romance FB page.

More sad news. Art Read passed away recently. For details, see the Romance FB page or LOST MARINEROS here.

Thanks to fresh funds from the documentary promotion, Matt can continue to work on the project. He has spear-headed this effort over the years and will be working to develop some of the promotional ideas shared by Marineros. Thanks Matt.

A recent email from Rebecca Mignano prompted an email list update. She shared, "My husband and I sailed in Romance on the second world voyage and attended the reunion in Michigan while Skipper and Mrs. K were still alive. We met on that voyage and have been married 36 years. Tom still works in the maritime industry. I really enjoyed the tribute to our shipmate Bert Rogers and the documentary intro on the Kimberlys. Keep up the great work! Becky

Owen Hardy wrote, "I found a travel company out of the UK which specializes in trips using classic sailing ships. Would be fun to have a Marinero reunion on one of these sailings".

Walt Haney reports that he is getting a few dozen slides of Romance from summers of 1966 (to Galapagos) and 1967 (sailing out of St. Thomas) scanned. If anyone wants copies, happy to pass em on. He is getting his farm in Westminster cleaned up and has three of four tractors working . . . .

I've added the link to the "Lost Marinero" page to the "Marineros & Guests" page. If you can update anything on those lists, please let me know.

Spring 2018

Much new information and many stories coming in. Thanks to Phil Lloyd for all of the interesting details about Marineros.

Clyde shared a letter from Carl Friberg in advance of their meeting with Skipper over lunch at Carl's home in 2007. Carl wrote:

Now consider come eye-ball to eye-ball with someone who like myself at the time was just a tanker stiff...worse yet, a SOCONY stiff (Standard Oil always had that peculiar reputation ), and is now the embodiment of the dreams millions of men have had, but never achieved....playing life to suit one's self.

Arthur is a legend...more than enigma. He pulled it off...gheeez, did he pull it off big time. Though he shared the latter part of the last century with the sailing/cruising crowd, and continues to this day... he himself lived his idea of the sailing past of wooden ships, and iron men. Unreal really. Imagine what Joseph Conrad could have done with his story... though a happy one for sure.

Whoever heard of Kimberly except those in the cruising/sailing crowd? Unlike Villiers who through his affiliation with the movie people was known by most "land" people....I never heard of him as he faded in, and out of my memory over the years. But Kimberly was for millions of men that ghost who haunted them with dreams of "getting away"... sailing away on their own ship - sail or otherwise. How do I face him?

Clyde also saved a .pdf of Carl's website dedicated to his visit to the Romance.

Huge, Huge Thank You to "An Early Marinero" who put $5,000.00 into this effort to bring the K's story to life.

The Windship Way made a donation to help launch the campaign. So have Peter & Nicole Wholihan, Clyde Sanadi, Steve Hyman, "An Early Marinero", Phil Brotherton and several others. Thanks to everyone who shared postcards, posters, links and took the time to tell others about the documentary!

Winter 2017 - 2018

Adrian Loughborough found his photo of Romance's Cannon, you can see it on the Cannon page . Been hoping we could find a photo, it certainly generated a lot of good stories. Thanks Adrian!

Hard to believe that the Windship Way is celebrating its 20th online Anniversary. I first saw the Romance from the deck of the Flying Cloud in 1982. Four years later I sailed aboard her on the 1986 Halley's Comet Cruise out of St. Vincent. I have followed this most amazing ship and her people for 35 years. Gloria supplied much historical information about the ship and crew. You provided great stories and photographs. Old shipmates were found, friendships rekindled. It has been great getting to know everyone and being able to share your story.

Always great to hear from an early passenger aboard the Romance. This just in from Gary Merritt.

After watching the movie Hawaii and seeing an old friend I went web surfing. In my junior year of high school my family took a windjammer cruise on the Romance. It should have been the spring of 68. There was the Captain, Gloria, Adrian, Tim and David the south African. There was a double booking so my family got the forecastle and the Robins got the Captain's cabin. Somewhere there is photo of me in the foretop while the Romance was under full sail and heading to St. Croix. I was impressed when I saw the Captains Ticket and saw unlimited tonnage. What I admired most was on the last day coming in to the quay at Charlotte Amalia. About 3 miles out the engine dies and the other family needs to make a flight that afternoon. So Capt. K brings the Romance in under sail alone and ties up as nice as can be as if it were the easiest thing in the world.

Catching up on some news and recent Marinero contributions. Tad Donnan sent this article, written by Dan Moreland, for Sea History Magazine. Dan will be making his final world voyage aboard the Picton Castle in 2018. Read his article, "Around the World Under Squaresail" here.

Peter Wholihan sent this photo of a mini-Marinero gathering. Over Thanksgiving Holidays, Marineros: Adrian Loughborough, Jim Webster 60's, and Peter Wholihan 80's got together at the Southport Raw Bar in Ft. Lauderdale to swap stories and share memories of the Romance & Kimberlys. All last saw each other at Skipper's Memorial service. Jim Webster suggested that Marineros create other gatherings and post thoughts and pictures A Grand Time was had by all!

Clyde Sanadi posted a video last Fall of the National Maritime Historical Society honoring Marinero & Executive Director of Tall Ships America, Captain Bert Rogers. If you'd like to watch it, you can see it at here.

Fall - 2017

I've added the last few comments to the Cannon page along with the text from a 2004 email about another Brig ROMANCE. Wouldn't it be cool if that was the original source of the cannon?

Michael Graff sent along a short story "What does the Captain call you?"

Summer - 2017

The cannon inquiry brought in a lot of emails, including some additional Romance related materials.

Andrew Leyzack, '85-'86, sent this pen and ink drawing of the foc'sle scuttle.

Arthur Topilow, an early guest aboard Romance wrote:
I sailed as a tourist on the Romance in the BVI in 1968 (or 1969, not quite sure) Adrian Loughborough was the mate. I never saw a cannon. During that cruise Captain was planning his trip around the world and he asked me to go as a ship's doctor. I politely declined. The first is that I get seasick on the ocean and the second is that I had internship, residency, and fellowship planned for my medical career. On my return home, I bought a boat with my wedding money and have raced competitively ever since. Because the Romance kindled my interest in tall ships, I recently was a tourist for a week out of Athens on the "Sea Cloud," a magnificent four masted sailing ship, with over 30 sails, all set by hand. We had 58 tourists and 70 crew. It was the private yacht in the 1930s of Marjorie Merriwether Post and E.F. Hutton.
Ok to share my story,
All the best to you,

6/30/17 - Just received this photo and an inquiry from Jamie Hayes:
"I'm writing today on a quest to solve a mystery. I collect cannons of age. Recently I have acquired a Bronze Cannon with the word ROMANCE engraved across the barrel. The source I purchased the cannon from suggested it was the Romance's mascot cannon. Intrigued, I found myself reading the entire story of the Kimberly's adventures. I'm speechless. There story of love of life needs to be a novel and shared with the world. It's obvious that they were special people and had a lasting effect on all they met during there adventure.

Back to my mystery. While reading this log of people who have been on the Romance it occurred to me that perhaps people have seen this cannon on the ship during their visit and could confirm what they know of the cannon. Any information like when did it arrive on the Romance? When did they have it engraved Romance? Where did they acquire it. If it indeed is from the Romance perhaps it deserves a spot in the story. When I acquired the cannon I found the barrel to be mounted on an incorrect carriage known as an slide carriage. After some research I found the correct carriage form and have since built one from pictures from the internet. The Cannon was built in Boston Ma. By W.M. Read & Sons and is so labeled. The barrel is 24' long and made of heavy Bronze. I have provided pictures of the cannon as I found it and fully restored to the builders design. Please notice the picture of the barrel alone shows the engraving ROMANCE. I realize its hard to see. I'm Hoping to find some help to confirm it's past. Any information would be so very welcome".

I've added aCannon page and posted your thoughts. If you have any photos or memories about the cannon, or the one used aboard the Romance, feel free to share, as many of you have.

Spring - 2017

Dan Moreland just sent along this link about Skipper's time aboard the YANKEE, written up in David D. Allyn's new book, Yardarm and Cockpit.
Includes some great photos from that cruise and also a young Skipper.

Winter - 2016 - 2017

Thanks to Mark Colby for sending along this photo he took of the Romance! Really shows her beautiful lines.

In December, Phillipe MacClenahan stopped by the Windship Way. He was with the ROMANCE for a brief time in 1986.
He mentioned Andrew Lyczack and friends in his email.

Fall - 2015

Way too much time has passed since I have updated the Marinero News. Lots happening with the documentary and several ex-Marineros stopped by.
Should have gotten their greetings up sooner. First, the documentary. A great team has been assembled to produce it and an announcement should be forthcoming.
You'll likely hear from several email friends. Please pass it on and share it with anyone who was a friend of the Romance.
If you are interested in some of the previous videos, check out the Documentary News page for links.

Bob Wallace just got in touch. A great email reminiscing his early days before, during and after his time aboard. Read Bob's email.

Also heard from Ken Cohen, his first time visit to the Windship Way. He joined Romance in 1967 after a harrowing trip aboard the Ketch "Tumbleweed". Read Ken's email.

Fall - 2014

Thanks Peter Damon for sending me this great photo of the Kimberlys!

ROMANCE Documentary News:
If you haven't already heard, the ROMANCE documentary opening sequence has been completed. While there may be some tweaking, it is great to see it taking shape. If you'd like to watch it, you can see it at Documentary Opening. If this is a preview of things to come, the whole documentary should be great.

Hard to believe it has been a year since the last update on the Windship Way's "Marinero's News". Still get the occassional email from an early Marinero or passenger. Always interesting to read their stories........

Summer - 2013

A guest aboard the ROMANCE, Allison Toth wrote recently:
I believe it was the early 1980s when I was a guest on Romance. I was 20 years old and I was visiting my friend Hope Evans who taught elementary school at the catholic school on St. Thomas. My friend also worked at the Chart House restaurant where she got the notice that the Kimberly's were rounding up islanders to sail the BVI's for 3 days & $75. We jumped at the chance, left from Tortola on an adventure of a lifetime! 18 young folk in awe of the mariners, the Kimberly's, and the spectacular sailing panoramic views. All the rum punch we could consume and a bounty of food prepared by Ms. Kimberly. Captain would have the anchor lowered and let us swim to every shore we stopped at. Fascinating is the best word to describe the tour. I've never experienced anything like it since! Hail to the Kimberly's for showing us the "mariners" way!

Fall - 2012

Mark Colby writes:
I sailed with Capt. Kimberly and Gloria during the month of May, 1968 as a high school senior doing an Independent Study Project about "old time sailing". Wonderful experience. My father, Robert Colby was a shipmate and friend with Art Kimberly during WWII aboard tankers. Having grown up along the Maine coast, I never gave up the sea and now hold a 1600 Near Coastal license as well as a 100 ton Aux/Sail. Was asked to go to the Galapagos Islands and always have regretted my decision not to go. Too young I guess to appreciate what an adventure that would have been and how it may have shaped my life in a real way.
Best to you all, Mark Colby

Romance of the Seas
by Gloria Kimberly

This just in from Peter Wholihan:
Can you believe it has been a year since Skipper passed away? I had been working with him to get Gloria's book published. She never really finished it, but there are great stories throughout her first draft. We were able to get it into a pdf version, also got it copyrighted for Skipper. He wanted to share it with all the Marineros. I have run it by publishers and editors; all liked it, but agree it needs polishing. In speaking with Skipper's sister, Jane, we decided that it would suit Skipper wishes and Gloria too, just to get it out as is, so all can enjoy her work. Hopefully an upshot will be, that this will provide a fair wind, to get the book published. I gave Skipper a paperbound addition a few years back. Many times when I called, he would say, he was reading it. I would tell him, "I know those people." and he would answer, "No, you know those guys! They must have had a pretty good life."

Here is Gloria's book, for those that knew Skipper and Mrs. Kimberly.
Please enjoy her words and their gift to us all.

Romance of the Seas

Special Thanks to Dr. Elton Robertson, professor emeritus, Temple University for his volunteer assistance in making this a reality!

On a recent visit to Bar Harbor, I met Capt. Steve Pagels aboard the Schooner Margaret Todd. Had chance to talk with him about Captain Kimberly and the Brigantine Romance. Enjoyed learning some seafaring history about Skipper and his mentors on a sunny afternoon daysail.

Spring - 2012

Brad Hyland emailed. He worked aboard ROMANCE for an all too short week back in 1968 just prior to the ship going down island for work. Fell in love with the Virgin Islands after boarding in Tortola. He was 15 or 16 and as a young surfer from Florida, snorkeled and surfed his way through the BVI. Watching Capt. Kimberly navigate without GPS and reading about the world cruises made those 7 days special.

Steve Williams is looking for any information & stories that Marineros might have about their visit to Great Isaac Island lighthouse. He is working on a renovation project for the island and lighthouse and found Skipper's model when he did a search on the Internet. Also looking for any photos you might have that showed the lighthouse when you were there. You can reach him at 561-445-5664 in Highland Beach FL.

Chris Roche [], from the Cape Horners organization is looking for details on Skipper's time aboard the Abraham Rydberg. He was supposed to have sent a story about it to South Africa. Can anyone shed light on that story? Any copies about? Chris is writing up that period for the Cape Horner Journal and would appreciate hearing from you.

Fall - 2011

Chris Allen just stopped by to share some of his fond memories of his time aboard ROMANCE and the Kimberlys back in 1968. He was one of two Beloit College students sent down in September of '68 to sail the Romance. During those years students at Beloit College had to take one of their semesters off to do a real job. At the time, Adrian Loughborough was the First Mate. Check out his great story about Skipper reading the winds.

Peter Wholihan wrote:
On Oct 8, 2011 there was a memorial service for Skipper. The service was well attended with many stories shared by those that knew Skipper well. Friends, Family, and Marineros from the Romance's first days, until her last, were there to fete Skipper in this send off. There were grand stories, songs, tributes of lives forever changed by Capt. Kimberly and plenty of memories relived at the memorial service and later at Merk's Bar & Grill (Skipper's Old Watering Hole) where food, drinks, and of course vitamin R in the Cruzan variety were imbibed along with all Skipper shared with us.

L to R - Peter Wholihan, Brian Donnelly, Jim Webster, Bob Wallace,
Don Lindsay, Adrian Loughborough, Angus McCamy, Ginny Caspari

It was a grand send off, for a great man, who would have enjoyed being there (and he and his bride were certainly there in spirit), but who would have been a wee bit confused and embarrassed by all the hoopla. That is another of the many reasons he was so well loved and respected. We miss ya Skipper, thanks for the adventure!

Tad Donnan was in touch. He had a copy of the First 1975 Cruise Announcement Letter and also the 1975 Log #1 which he sent along. I've added these to the "Log of the Romance" area and tried to put them all in better chronological order. Thanks Tad. Would like to find an early Log for the 1971 Pacific Trip that Gloria mentioned at the beginning of Log #2 - 1975.

Also heard from Owen Hardy, Peter Damon and Art Read in regards to Skipper's passing. Their comments are on Skipper's tribute page.

Laurie R. King's "Pirate King" was published this Fall and went on sale just before Capt. Kimberly passed away. Mrs. Kimberly was given credit for her great photograph of the Romance under sail.

Saturday, September 17th
Some sad news from Peter Wholihan.

Capt. Kimberly had taken ill over the past couple of weeks, and died this morning, Saturday Sept. 17th.

For more about Skipper's passing,

In Memory of Capt. Arthur Kimberly.

Earlier this month, Jonathon Giddings wrote, "My stint was January through April of 1978 as a Field Term from Beloit College. My housemate Paul had done his Field Term the year before and warned me to memorize all the ships lines in the diagram that John Bieler in the FT office provided to me. He also suggested I bring my tennis racket with me because there'd be time to go ashore and play from time to time. Other crew members were Robie Price (First Mate), Mike Brown, Philip Bird, and John - can't remember his last name. Robie was great; Mike was a serious sailor; Philip was my best and only friend; and John was the guy every liked and admired.

Thanks Jonathon for the interesting look back at life aboard Romance with Skipper....sans tennis time.

Summer - 2011
A Memorable Memorial Day and Reunion! 

The Marinero Reunion with Skipper aboard the Barque Picton Castle was a success. Skipper traveled to JVD (Jost Van Dyke) with his sister and her husband Jane & Russ Meyer. A film crew followed him over from St. Thomas and was able to capture most of the action, plus interviews with Marineros: Capt. Dan Moreland (ROMANCE 1973-77), Bert Rogers Exec. Director American Sailtraining Assoc. (ROMANCE 1979-81), Clyde Sanadi, Brigantine Associates (ROMANCE 1973-74), Jim Webster Mega-Yacht Broker (ROMANCE 1968), and Mike Jehle, Exec. Director Fairfield Museum and History Center (ROMANCE 1987).

Skipper waited on shore, as the Picton Castle sailed north of Tortola under full sail and into Great Harbor to anchor. He met Capt. Dan Moreland, as he came ashore at the BVI Customs dock. Soon after they retired to splice the main brace and get reacquainted. The Captain invited his old Skipper to visit his ship. Once aboard, Skipper seemed to shed 20 years, as he was an able seaman shipboard once again. Chief Mate Michael Moreland had the honor of showing off the Castle to Skipper. After his time aboard, Skipper invited the crew for a dinner celebration at Foxy's. Skipper sat at a quiet table off to the corner, as visitors: shipmates, old friends and new acquaintances visited with him one after the next.

Sir Foxy caught up with Skipper and related the story of how the captain blessed Foxy's first concrete floor with his footprint. As always, Foxy's hospitality did not disappoint and a good time was had by all well into the evening hours, during which time Marineros wandered down the beach to join the celebration from points beyond. The next day, was a full one aboard the Castle, with a reunion of friends, family, shipmates, and new introductions to the crew with Skipper. He made quick work of finding ways to keep himself out of the way. He spent most of the afternoon doing what he loves best, sailmaking, and teaching while doing. Tales long and short were told aboard, as old acquaintances were renewed and new ones developed.

Sunday was race day in Foxy's Wooden Boat Regatta. The Picton Castle had two small vessels: a long boat and a dory called A Sea Never Dry ( in the race. Many of the crew signed on with other local boats, some whom took a western tack, to White Bay to become winners, in the island way of enjoying life as it come. The Marineros watched this classic from aboard the Castle, while Skipper was engrossed in being part of a ship again, mesmerizing the crew with his matter-of-fact knowledge and unique way of imparting it to them. Like so many before them, these lessons will stay with them in their voyages beyond.

May 30, was as Skipper put it, Memorial Day Sail! as Capt. Dan Moreland welcomed old friends (including Foxy, his wife Tess and Dee Carstarphen of Maverick), new acquaintances, and shipmates aboard for a sail. The Picton Castle plied the waters between Tortola and JVD under full sail. She sailed both off and back onto the hook at Great Harbour. The Castle's crew shined, while old hands lent a hand to gain a piece of the moment. Skipper hoisted sail, coiled down, and took a turn at the wheel. It was a wonder for all to see him in his element again, after so many years. It was a grand time for an admirable fellow, 89 years young. As he said many times over the weekend, I'm as happy as a lark. Of course, that was the whole idea.

A big Thank You to Peter Wholihan for the story and the Picton Castle for the photos!

Spring - 2011 

Picton Castle to host Marineros at Jost van Dyke! 

5/12 - A flurry of emails about the reunion. For the most recent update on the reunion, see the Reunion link.

Recent visits include Marinero Jeanne Shaub who passes along her best wishes. Jeanne did the 1971-1972 Pacific cruise, Grenada to Hawaii and several week-long Caribbean cruises. She'd love to attend but is not as nimble as back in those fine days in the Pacific.......

Tony and Janine Martinelli, from Port Charlotte, FL stopped by. They spent part of their honeymoon on the Romance in April of 1967 in the B.V.I. Adrian was the first mate and Manfred Dietrick was on board for most of the trip. That was Tony's introduction to sailing and he's never stopped.

4/20 - This just in from Peter Wholihan. Dan Moreland is getting folks together Memorial Day weekend at Jost Van Dyke in the BVI. Skipper will be there along with Dee Carstarphen of MAVERICK fame, Dyke and Inga Wilmerding of MANDOO and ZULU WARRIOR and Manfred Dietrich, ex-PAMIR and famous Sailmaker of Hassle Island. Also in the plans is a day sail aboard the Picton Castle. Accomodations are pretty scant aboard the Picton Castle, but where there is a will there is a way. Please spread the word.

Coming? Please fill out this ONLINE FORM so we can gather a list of who is coming and when. If sending an email to Dan, due to the capacity of the satellite communications system, please keep replies them short and don't send photos or attachments. Email him at: Like that favorite CSNY song from days sailing among the Virgin Islands say, "we may never pass this way again....", hope you'll be there for this special occasion.

Tony Probst got in touch and provided this photo of the ROMANCE heading back to Pitcairn from Henderson with her decks full of wood. He cruised the world aboard the Trimaran Lorelei 3 with his family between 1967 and 1980 and saw the ROMANCE repeatedly in the Caribbean, at Pitcairn, Tahiti and the Galapagos to name a few. At one point, the Lorelei 3 was seized at gun point and all of their photos were lost. He has asked if anyone who took photos of the ROMANCE in St. Thomas might have pictures that showed their trimaran anchored nearby. He is currently building a website based on stories of early Pitcairn and is trying to contact Marineros who sailed on the Henderson trips. You can reach him at .

Winter - January 2011 

Another Marinero just stopped by. Rob Peterson was aboard in 1982 for three months. He recalls when he first came aboard he was scared of Skipper who told him, "she's not a boat; she's a ship" and that other crew warned him not to whistle. It didn't take long to grow to love and admire Skipper and Mrs K and appreciate their mastery of their craft. Don Lindsay was there most of the time along with Kurt, Kim and Patrick, who left soon after he arrived; Ross and Clay arrived and stayed on.

Good to hear from an early guest. Valerie (Griessmeyer) Kassl was aboard the Romance in the BVI during the week of Easter 1984. Romance had recently returned from Grenada where they rescued one of Linc's relations by stowing him below decks. She remembers how Gloria whipped up a Great Easter dinner in the small gallery and wishes she had stayed aboard for the voyage to Quebec.

Bill Turnbull checked in. He's been out of circulation a while with some health issues, now back in Dutch Harbor after recovering from a heart attack. After some genealogical research, it turns out that he is a direct descendant of Dr. Andrew Turnbull, the founder of New Smyrna Beach, where Capt.Kimberley dropped his hook. Small world.

Peter Wholihan posted photos and details of Skipper's visit to the VI for Thanksgiving.

Still waiting for news from the publisher of the book "Pirate King". They are now considering another photo for the chapter divider......will let you know if ROMANCE will be used. Latest NEWS. The ROMANCE photo will be used!

Just received an email requesting the use of this B&W photo of ROMANCE for use as a chapter divider in a new book called "Pirate King" by Laurie R. King. Thanks much to many of you who helped identify the photographer.....Mrs. K.

A flurry of emails and memories of the '71-'72 South Pacific trip came in from Ronn Winkler, Peter Damon, Peter Wholihan, Lynn Bouck and Judy Bracik:

From Ronn Winkler's log: It was Jan 14, 72. Friday, We have 16 sails now! Stuns'ls were set this morning for the first time. Just beautiful. You should have heard the ooo's and aah's when the topmast stuns'l snapped into place. It was sent up forward of the yards and hidden behind the topsail from those standing aft. Until I hauled on the tack, Whop! - It appeared and set all at once........Noon pos, Lat 13 deg 29 min S. Long 111 deg 28 min W. Ave sp 5.4 K,. DMG 130 MN @ 238 deg T, Dist travelled 1543 NM.

Judy Bracik: I believe that is the old mainsail, (not footed down if I still have my terminology correct). I think this may be a picture that Mrs. K took after we set the stunsuls. Anyone recognize or remember who was at the wheel?

Peter Damon relates: My recollection is that on the first day we set those stunsails after having sewn them (Jim, you , and me principally � I don�t think Skipper actually sewed these � could be wrong though) and manufactured the spars and other rigging like the irons, halyards, sheets, etc., we lowered the longboat and Dan ran several trips ahead and to leeward to photograph the occasion. The challenge was to get low and behind a wave that would hide most of the hull � a neat trick given the motion of everything. Also Romance had to be upright � not rolling back and forth backing the sails. There really wasn�t much wind, but the photo couldn�t let that on, so timing and luck was everything. As for some details, I believe the helmsman was Tad Donnan � he wore a white hat like that. Under the curve of the exhaust pipe is perhaps yourself (or Gloucester Mary � it�s the hair). Skipper may be standing by the rail forward.

Lynn Bouck: I would agree with Judy Bracik that this photo was probably taken by Mrs. K on the 71-72 S. Pacific trip which I was also on. This shot looks very familiar and I am sure I have a color slide very similar if not the same exact shot (I'll have to check). As I recall this was mid Pacific somewhere between the Galapagos and Pitcairn. We all took turns going off in the launch to take photos and I believe the event was the setting of the stunsuls which were finished and set for the first time on that trip.

Summer 2010 

August and two more early Marineros stopped by.

David "Charlie" Brown wrote: "I had a great time in 1969 doing the eight day cruises in the Virgins and then ending with a sail down to Grenada for haul out. I was known as Charlie Brown on the ship. I was also on a work term from Beloit College with Mark Nebel".

Thanks Charlie for the photo!

Jim McTigue crewed aboard ROMANCE in the Summer 1986 with Sutcliffe, Avishair (Israel), and Patrick from Australia.

Great to hear from another early Marinero, Chris Allen who sailed aboard ROMANCE between 1 September and 22 December 1968. He was a crewman under Adrian Loughborough as a work Semester from Beloit College when they outfitted her at SW2nd St in Miami and sailed her down to Charlotte Amalie.

He wrote, "I loved that pile of English oak. The days I was on her seemed like a lifetime. I can tell you this; I enlisted as an officer and had a military career and did a lot of things, but I NEVER worked as hard as I did on the Romance. Not because the Skipper asked me to, but because the Romance required it."

Still nothing new on the Documentary. Anyone have any details?

Winter - February 2010 

Another ex-ROMANCER stopped by, Kelly Johnson - crewed summer '83 - boarded the Romance in Roadtown, Tortola, B.V.I. He crewed with Rob and Keith. He said it was quite an experience for a kid from Nebraska and although it his time was short aboard ROMANCE, it left an indelible mark that he'll always remember and cherish.

Photographs of the ROMANCE taken by this site's webmaster will be featured at an upcoming Art Show called "Fish & Ships". My wife does fish water colors, I have many shots of the ROMANCE. I'm looking forward to telling attendees about the ROMANCE and her extraordinary people and adventures.

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